An interdisciplinary exhibition project about artistic nomadism by Lisa Bensel & Anne Mager
Taking Place from October 9 – 18 2015 in Cologne

Beyond the façade of a glamorous jet-set life, the interdisciplinary exhibition project ‘Currently living in…’ discusses the relevance and the outcome of frequent, nomadic residency periods abroad experienced by artists today.

Travels have always been important for artists and their careers. Cultural exchange, as a consequence of economic growth and trade, can be traced back at least to the origins of the Silk Road.
In the context of a globalised society that is characterised by constant growth, change, increasing speed and exchange, the project ‘Currently living in…’ questions the preconditions as well as implications of artistic travels. Do international residencies and periods abroad always contribute to the work of an artist or are they nowadays merely an indicator for a successful career in the CV?

Focussing on the globalisation of artistic practise and the aesthetical, social, physical and mental consequences for the artist, this interdisciplinary project invites visual artists, choreographers, sound- and vocal artists that are currently living in Cologne, but also travel the globe for their work.

With a 10-day exhibition, two performance evenings, a discussion round and artist talks, the project „Currently living in…“ presents nine artists whose works are produced and perceived internationally. The selected works on show haven been either developed on the move or during a residency. They are referring to aspects of interculturality or relocation or have been inspired by self-initiated travels.